How much does a LOFT Box cost?
Each box costs $35

What is the commitment period?
12 weeks. This gives customers flexibility while maintaining routine for farmers and pick-up locations.

How long is the LOFT season?
We offer boxes from June-November, or a total of 25 weeks.

Am I saving money by purchasing a food box?
Absolutely! Our farmers are giving you their freshest, most beautiful produce at a fraction of what they would sell it for at a farmer’s market.

Can I cancel my boxes?
Unfortunately not. But you can absolutely transfer your remaining boxes to a friend, just let us know.

Is everything organic?
Absolutely, everything inside your LOFT box is! All of our farmers are certified organic.

Are you accepting new farmers?

We would gladly talk to anyone interested! Please send us an email.

Can I share my box?
Many people do! What a great way to ensure there is no waste. We simply ask that one name, and information is used on the account to keep things simple on our end.

How do I know what to expect in my box in the upcoming weeks?
We will do our best to post on the website! Click here to go to that page.

Can I choose which produce I receive?
You can add all of the extras you would like, but the food inside the box will be pre-selected.

What do I do with my empty box?
Please return it to your pick-up location during your following pick up. The boxes are tagged with a number, and we will track each box to ensure that it has been returned. Unreturned boxes are subject to an $10 fee.

Can I go to the farms myself?
We ask that you respect the privacy of our farmers and their families. At their request, we are not sharing their information. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and will absolutely put you in contact if ever the need arises.

Is the food fresh?
Yes! It coming directly from the farm.

Can I add more boxes if I have already selected my weeks?
As long as there are boxes available, we are happy to sell them! Please send us an email to extend your weeks.