About Loft

There is a lot of discussion lately about whether you should buy local or organic. Here at LOFT, we believe you can, and should have both! Affordable, healthy food is our mission.

Inside your box each week, you will find a wide selection of 100% certified organic fruits and vegetables grown right here in our community. It is a fun and exciting way to see how diverse our growing abilities are. We will post a list of items you can expect in your box each week to help you plan your meals. Our fruit forward boxes focus on the produce that most families would like to receiveā€¦kids included.

Since 2008 our farmers have been growing together to bring you the freshest local produce. With a dozen growers, we are able to offer everything from berries, melons, stone fruit, apples, and a huge assortment of both field and greenhouse grown vegetables! Our growers are based in Elmira, Wellesley, Baden, and neighbouring towns.

Our farmers have chosen to partner with local companies that can offer even more variety to their customers with the addition of flour, sugar, oats, honey, coffee, tea, oils, and more! We are thrilled to be able to support more local businesses in our community.

Our boxes cost $35 and will easily feed a family of 4 omnivores, or a family of 2 veggie lovers. Plus, with the ability to add extra produce and grocery staples, we are sure that you will love customizing your box to meet your personal needs.

Choose any 12 weeks or more during our season, and then select a pick up location nearby. For a complete list of locations, please click here.